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Peer to Peer Hospitality Group is a full-service design and operation management leader in the hospitality industry.

Our group of restaurants span a wide range of cuisines and sizes with a dedicated staff whose craft is hospitality.


Our jewel-box restaurant on Cumberland Street transports guests to the south of France with a unique selection of food & wines of the region.


Located on Queen Street West, Tanto offers Argentine inspired cuisine cooked on a charcoal grill by one of the youngest and most talented chefs in the city.


More than a decade after it first introduced its clients to traditional Tapas, Cava is still buzzing every night with hungry diners ready to experience the best of Spanish Tapas.


Mason’s offers a variety of fresh and prepared foods, made in-house daily from local, organic ingredients alongside a range of imported fine foods and spices.


Offering a Moroccan influenced menu, Atlas showcases the variety of ingredients and techniques of cooking that Morocco has to offer.

Special Events

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